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Xesta Slow Emotion Flap

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 – Length:         10/ 10,8 cm                 

– Weight:          100/ 150 gr                    

– Type of lure: Slow Jig

Delivery time: 4-5 days

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Product Description

Xesta Slow Emotion Flap

The Xesta Slow Emotion Flap has become one of the most sought after jigs for slow pitch jiggers. The centre weighted teardrop shape allows the Xesta jig to suspend and flutter horizontally in the water column which is a big factor when targeting particular species that are holding in a tight zone. The jig can be worked with lots of action in a very small variance of depth so thus keeping it longer in the face of your target species. Besides the action the finish of the Slow Emotion Flap is just perfect!

It is highly recommended that a twin assist rig is used at either end so that the jig is perfectly balanced!