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Palms Slow Blatt Cast Wide



Length:            7,9 cm            

Weight:            60 gr          

Type of lure:   Casting Jig

Hook:               Decoy Twin + Single Assist

Delivery time: 4-5 days

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Product Description

Palms Slow Blatt Cast Wide

The Palms Slow Blatt CastWide is the ultimate jig for shore casting.

It has been produced for slow pitch jigging in shallow inshore areas. The Slow Blatt Cast Wide model has more weight in the tail in comparison to the Slim model giving it a faster sink rate. The compact design and amazing falling action make them unique and fish simply cannot resist striking.The jig comes pre rigged with a Decoy twin assist off the nose and a single assist on the tail for excellent hook ups!

The Palms Slow Blatt is a must have for all light jigging enthusiasts!