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Amegari Urpekari 190



Length:            19 cm            

Weight:            80 gr          

Type of lure:   Popper

Delivery time: 4-5 days

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Product Description

Amegari Urpekari 190

The Amegari Urpekari 190 allows for a combination of long/short sweeps for a mix of rolling and wobbling action. This rather small popper creates a huge bubble trail and topwater turbulence which is very attractive to big fish! The popper has 1.6mm S/S through wiring.

All Amegari lures are 100% handcrafted and shaped according to Orkatz’s selected prototypes. Every lure is designed first and foremost to deliver the best action. Crafted from paulownias wood and treated to a rigorous build process that delivers a brutally hard sealed coating, yet natural buoyancy and action.


Recommended hooks: BKK Raptor-Z 4/0

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