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Amegari Mehe 185



Length:             18,5 cm            

Weight:            65 gr          

Type of lure:   Floating stickbait

Delivery time: 4-5 days


Product Description

Amegari Mehe 185

The Amegari Mehe 185 is one of the best stickbaits, if you’re targeting Tuna. The Mehe swims in wide S-curves, if you fish it with long strokes. Short strokes let the stickbait walk over the water in the WtD style with short diving sequences. Absolutely deadly for all fish!

All Amegari lures are 100% handcrafted and shaped according to Orkatz’s selected prototypes. Every lure is designed first and foremost to deliver the best action.

Crafted from paulownias wood and treated to a rigorous build process that delivers a brutally hard sealed coating, yet natural buoyancy and action.