Andaman Islands

Fishing on the Andaman Islands



Spot profile:

The Andamans are an archipelago in the Indian Ocean consisting of 329 islands. Fishing for foreigners has only been allowed by the Indian government since 2007, opening up a hunting ground with endless options. Virtually every tropical fish species can be caught here and every fishing method can be executed. Jigging is very effective and gives you the chance to catch Dogtooth Tuna in world record sizes. Popping gives you the chance for many different species, though trophy-sized GTs are rare.

Recommended months: October – May

Fish species:


Snapper, GT (max. 90 cm), Barracuda


Popping: Giant Trevally, Spanish Mackerel, Red Sea Bass, Yellowfin (March-May)

Jigging: Grouper, Jobfish, Dogtooth Tuna

Casting: Mahi-Mahi, Garfish, Blue Fin Trevally

Recommended Lures

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Showing 1–9 of 14 results